Hakma, also known as Hakim Rahouani, is a rising star of the French techno scene .
He created a techno label and a collective of artists called Underklub in 2008.

Moreover, Hakma worked with quality labels such as Zinger records, Polyptych, LAD records…

A recognized figure of Parisian nightlife , especially for his residences at « Le Nouveau Casino » from 2011 to 2017 and at « La Java » from 2008 to 2011, he also performed in the biggest French clubs and his talent took him to many foreign countries. He has shared the stage with
prestigious artists such as Boris Brechja , Etienne de Crécy,

Alex Stein, Maelstrom, Khainz , Molecule , Kiko , Housemeister and Thomas Schumacher…
In 2018, after a two year break because of the loss of his wife , he returned more productive than ever. His desire to channel that tragic experience released a creative wave of inspiration.

As a result , Hakma produced a stirring , melancholic and tuneful house techno. An inspiration to dance and liberate the senses .